Am Bambus-Spießchen

geld und leben

Von asiatischen Hühnerspießchen über knusprige Filoblüten bis zu scharfen Zimtaprikosen - wir kreieren Fingerfood von A-Z für Ihr Buffet.

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Magie & Kulinarik

© Frank Lübke
© Frank Lübke

Kaum zu glauben. Im Oktober starten wir bereits in die fünfte Spielzeit mit "Alles Wunder - Magie & Kulinarik" im Teamtheater. Wenige Zauberkünstler beherrschen das Spiel mit Illusionen so humorvoll und geistreich wie Jörg Alexander. Freuen Sie sich auf neue Kunststücke und eine charmante Zauberfee auf der Bühne!

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Und natürlich servieren wir Ihnen wie gewohnt wunderbare Köstlichkeiten aus der Tastemunich-Küche!


About us

A traditional German dinner, is rather a plain story: bread, sausages or cheese, and yes, a fresh beer. Such a typical "Abendbrot" can be very tasty, we do have excellent bread and beer. However when it comes to "Abendessen" I'm more influenced by my Mediterranean friends, who prefer a decent home cooked dinner. I just love cooking, even after a long working day. Preparing a nice dinner and then enjoying it with friends and family is totally relaxing.

In the meantime my dinners are more sophisticated and my guests are more international. Together with other amateur cooks such as Stefanie and Christoph we invite international and local people to various dinning events. In private homes or unique locations, to make our guests feel at home.

I have been working for over 20 years at a Munich based publishing house of language magazines. Here I got the chance to meet people from around the world. I'm very glad for this inspiring cultural experiences.

Thanks to the growing numbers of foreign visitors and residents, Munich is becoming a refreshing melting pot. Today there are plenty of social network activities. Hundreds of options to meet people, to go out, to dine out etc. However I have always preferred getting to know local people in a new city. I still believe in the charme of personal contacts .

My partner and I hope to offer to you some events that allow you to meet interesting people and make new friends while helping you feel at home in Munich.

Welcome to our cultural and culinary "taste Munich" events!