Am Bambus-Spießchen

geld und leben

Von asiatischen Hühnerspießchen über knusprige Filoblüten bis zu scharfen Zimtaprikosen - wir kreieren Fingerfood von A-Z für Ihr Buffet.

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Magie & Kulinarik

© Frank Lübke
© Frank Lübke

Kaum zu glauben. Im Oktober starten wir bereits in die fünfte Spielzeit mit "Alles Wunder - Magie & Kulinarik" im Teamtheater. Wenige Zauberkünstler beherrschen das Spiel mit Illusionen so humorvoll und geistreich wie Jörg Alexander. Freuen Sie sich auf neue Kunststücke und eine charmante Zauberfee auf der Bühne!

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Und natürlich servieren wir Ihnen wie gewohnt wunderbare Köstlichkeiten aus der Tastemunich-Küche!


Terms & Conditions


Participants of Taste Munich culinary and cultural events attens at their own risk. If you suffer from any kind of food allergy you must inform us at least 3 days prior to the event. See also the booking form.

Taste Munich is only responsible for intentional harm or severe negligence caused by Taste Munich.



In case of any complaints before or during an event the participant must  inform us immediatedly either verbally or in writing. Otherwise it is difficult to verify the causes and we then cannot take responsibility. However, every effort will be made to resolve any issue raised. 



The participant agrees, that photos can be made at Taste Munich events in and can be used for publicity purposes, including for teh website.

There will be no time restrictions on the use of these photos.

Attending a Taste Munich event waives all rights to personal copyright demand. If you don't wish for your picture to be used, please inform us before the event, preferably via email.

We expect every participant to behave carefully towards the equipment and respectfully towards the other members of the group. Every participant must also have respect for and listen to the instructions from the leader of the group.

In the case of disrespect, the leader (or the organisor) after one warning may exclude the participant from the event.

Damages that are intentionally or violently caused by the participant are to be replaced or paid for.



Payment is requested to be made 3 days, (or 72 hours) before the event. The transfer details will be sent via email. In case of cancellation you may give your place to a friend providing you have informed Taste Munich prior to the event.